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Elevating Business to the Highest Levels

Greeting the future with BLÜM! Let's take government contracting to the next level with this US-based government contracting firm. The BL​ÜM team will help you achieve success in an ever-changing market.


Explore the vibrant world of BLÜM's leading industries


Contract & Procurement

We offer comprehensive services for all your federal government contracting and product procurement needs. From the pre-procurement phase to the final delivery, we provide complete support to ensure your project is successful. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that all your contracting and procurement needs are handled efficiently and cost-effectively.

Staffing & Recruitment

We provide comprehensive staffing and recruitment services. Our experienced team of recruiters specializes in finding and placing top-qualified candidates for positions within a few select industries and federal agencies, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. Our services save you time and money while ensuring you have the best possible talent working on our projects.


Our Consulting Services provide our clients with the expertise needed to develop and implement effective solutions. We offer experienced professionals who can analyze your business needs and recommend solutions that are both cost-effective and tailored to your specific requirements. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality of service and results.





Unlock the benefits of partnering or applying for a career with BLÜM and achieve success together!

The BLUM CO. Headquarter Office
A BLUM CO. associate working in office with a cup of coffee
A board meeting with potential board members at The BLUM CO.'s headquarter office
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